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Re: wp and bp profile syncing–works only sporadically



As much as I agree that you want to keep it simple, the last thing I want to do is a. auto-generate usernames (you have to tell them and they have to remember – let them decide)

They don’t in my site. They log in with email address. The only reason to still have an (autogenerated) username is because you need it for the URL.

parse a field into various name fields (parsing is just begging for errors – too may what-ifs) … But look deeper: they then auto-generate a username. why? who knows … Additionally they auto-gen a drop down list of “display names” … So what’s the diff between me and FB?

Also not much difference between me and FB. The difference between your solution and FB is what the user actually sees on the registration form. I don’t believe a new user will be all that interested in those extra choices.

I hearby declare it off limits to refer to Andy’s decision not to include firsname/lastname ever again.

It’s not up to you to decide what the limits of discussion are. You may get it, but until Andy/WP/Automattic gets it I’ll keep bringing it up. I like the features WP/WPMU/BP offers, there are really no alternatives for those, but they need to get central member management and the database structure up to standard.

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