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Re: wp and bp profile syncing–works only sporadically



The post your referring to Peter is about displaying profile information in a user blog not in the themes..

While I do agree with your points (I would like this to be easier as well) it probably the way you’re saying it that’s putting people off. You seem to have a tendency to approach people in a very direct and confronting way. I certainly don’t feel the need to help you out (if I could, which mostly I can’t) if you remain to have an certain tone in your posts which seem to be very negative and overly critical. As a journalist you must know how important it is to package your message the right way, and your approach does not work very well in my opinion since you seem to be involved in all kinds of small conflicts.

Now I’ve seen you help others quite a few times in a very polite manner, so if you could try to have the same attitude towards others as the ones you’re helping, than I bet that your suggestions (which are not crazy or “bad”) could get picked up and worked upon. There’s no need to keep on raving about a certain topic if the core developer already aware of the situation and is currently working on 1.2, which we all want to see to badly.

Just my 2 cents sorry for going offtopic :-)

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