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Re: wp and bp profile syncing–works only sporadically

Mike Pratt


Why not do the following (as we have)

1. Have 4 name fields in BP registration

1. username

2. 1st name

3. last name

4. display name (the bp required field)

Make them all required. We describe “display name” to everyone as “how you want your name to be viewed throughout the site’ If we had a choice, we’d get rid of it and mash 1st and last names together for display purpose. On the other hand, we have also seen many users do the following:

1. username -> jim1974

2. James

3. Smith

4. Jim Smith

Obviously, this allows for nicknames and with a little prodding, you get people entering nicer monikers than “ladiesman269”

Now, with the (lame) fact that WP user table is actually different (not sure why it wasn’t co-opted for BP purposes) All you have to do is create a function that writes the xprofile field values for 1st and Last name over to the WP table, in addition to setting the “display name value accordingly.

a thousand user later and no one has complained.

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