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Re: WP-minify and new version of Buddypress

Joe Marino


I use W3 Total Cache on my site after having it recommended to me by @lincme. It’s more of a complete caching system as opposed to just a “minify” plugin. You’ll need to have a decent PHP memory_limit for it to function though so be forewarned as it probably won’t work if you’re on a shared hosting plan (unless you’re lucky and have some awesome server support staff like me).

I was told there are problems with the page cache and CDN features so I’ve been afraid to enable them on my site. I don’t even have a CDN just yet so this is something I’m not too worried about right at the moment. However, I may get brave one of these days and enable the page cache (after a fresh backup of course) to see what it does. I also hear that there’s a development version that’s even better than the currently released one so you may want to check into that as well.

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