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Re: wp-sigup.php and /register

Hi guys,

Thank you for the fixes posted here. I tried these and it still don’t work for my WPMU.

My site is at:

When I click on Signup it goes to:

When you click on Register link at the bottom of this page or if I type directly, it takes you to the same page.

I tried the fixes on this page and the ones indicated in:

No luck yet. Not sure what I am missing.

Trusktr — you mentioned to “make sure you copy over the functions in the “functions.php” file from the bp-sn-parent theme to the “functions.php” file in your own theme. Without these functions, some things won’t work like member and blog listings as well as sidebar customization when using the “home.php” template. “

I have these problems too. I put the redirect code in “functions.php” in bp-sn-parent themse (which is the theme that I use). What do you mean when you say to copy the functions into “your own theme”?



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