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Re: wp-super-cache strategy

Rich Spott


I had super-cache installed, with wpmu 2.7 and buddypress RC-1, and everything seemed to be working fine, except for I would get a 500 Internal Error on Wp-activate (when the new user clicks on the email link that is sent to them to activate the account). Everything else worked fine, wp-signup worked like a breeze, and all of my pages and posts were cached as they should be.

Once I uninstalled Super-Cache, wp-activate worked again fine. I uninstalled all of my mu-plugins (re-captcha, google analytics, buddypress redirect) and just put super cache and buddypress in there, and i still got the 500 internal error on wp-activate. When I removed it and added the others back in, everything works fine.

Any ideas? I’d love to have super cache working, but not at the expense of adding new members.

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