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Re: wp-super-cache strategy

Burt Adsit


You guys owe me help refreshing the current page after gen’ing the bp menu bar.

In my ‘community blogs’ plugin I have a form that get’s post’ed. It’s really just a fake form that masquerades as a menu bar top level item. ‘Join! this Blog’, it gets post’ed which is the user saying yes I want to.

We return to the same code and when we return the user gets added to the blog and a new menu item gets hooked up in the place of the ‘Join’ link. Now we got a ‘Success!’ link to indicate that they are now a member of that blog.

I don’t want to just add the user and display ‘success’. I want to refresh the page so that they can see that they are now an author and that this is added to the ‘my blogs’ list in the menu bar.

I just can’t figure out how to do that without getting ‘headers already sent’ errors.

See why I’m playing with headers today?

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