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Re: WP-United: BBpress alternative?


@Andrea_r I don’t know why you brought it up or think I don’t know, but for the record WPMU will not be merged with a single WP until 3.0 is launched. Furthermore WPU is not compatible with WPMU.


I clearly said it works with current WP and phpbb versions.

As you can see on the WPU site ( there is a gap on posts from:

December 2, 2007:
Version 0.6.0 released.

The next post

May 10, 2009
“Many apologies for not posting here for such a long time. WP-United development has been stalled for the past year while I have had to attend with personal life — a new job, and more recently, the financial crisis. The current version of WP-United up on the download page here is out of date — it will need a few changes in order to work with the latest versions of phpBB3 and WordPress.”

May 31, 2009
Version 0.7.0 released.

That’s over 18 months.

@3sixty Not only will it not integrate into the activity stream it won’t integrate profiles.

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