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Re: WPMU, require login to view any part of site, but allow registration



It is set to that.

Thanks for your respond @piphut, but seeing my site is really not necessary.

Registration is open to everyone. I have a different plugin that makes registration only active once an admin approves them. That makes registration managed by admin prior to a user having access. Problem with only this plugin is that the site can still be seen (like the members, forums, groups, areas).

That’s why I installed the Authenticate plugin. When a user tries to go to “” they are redirected to the login page, wp-login.php. The plugin is also set to allow access to “wp-register.php” to allow registration. Well, the plugin is set to work with WP single user only because it’s set to allow “wp-register.php”. Issue is that WPMU does not use that file for registration. It uses an action direct to a part of wp-login, or something. I cannot figure out how to allow the Registration link to work under WPMU and the Authenticate plugin.

Could someone offer a suggestion, please? I tried the More Privacy Options offered by WPU Dev, but that failed miserably, too.

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