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Re: wpmuguru – working with bp-mu ticket



Yes I have enable multiblog set to true in the config file.

I’m guessing that I must have misunderstood the patch. I thought by installing bp with the patch included in all the files that it would allow each of my multisite blogs to have their own ‘instance’ of bp. After looking through the db though, I can see that a new ‘instance’ of bp tables are not spawned for each blog.

Still continuing in the quest to run a single install of wp-multi where each of my blogs can have their own ‘instance’ of bp, basically bp-mu. Thought at first glance that this patch did that.

Sorry for the confusion. Thank you so much for responding though, it’s greatly appreciated.

–praying for the day that I can finally get back to one install of wp for all my clients. Many of them want bp, so unfortunately I am back to having to manage a bunch of separate wp installs. Just makes updating and maintaining everything very time-consuming.

–curious if you are actually developing a plugin to implement the social network segregation or not. Spoke to JJJ a long time ago, but it has since dropped off his radar due to his workload.

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