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  • Saraswati11

    Do we know where Andy would be adding the hide function?


    There’s a new post regarding skeleton theme, He states, “So in looking through the skeleton theme I noticed something strange.

    I am wondering why the ‘Activity’, ‘Profile’, ‘Wire’, and ‘Friends’ items do not work from the optionsbar?”

    response, “It looks like the options bar is showing up on the directory pages when it shouldn’t – most likely because I forgot to add a hide function. All the other pages are working fine. I will update this.”

    For the pages i’m referring to i have the same problem, the options bar that shows up on these pages (not user bars links to same sections) links go to “The page you were looking for was not found.”

    I’m thinking the solution for that would be the same for me?

    Andy Peatling

    It looks like the options bar is showing up on the directory pages when it shouldn’t – most likely because I forgot to add a hide function. All the other pages are working fine. I will update this.


    I was wondering if this is what you guys were looking for:

    The plugin gives you control of what menus are turned on site-wide for each member. Well, it’s kind of a “global” thing right now, but it seems to take care of disabling back-end menus.

    Here’s the description of the plugin:

    “….If, like me, you need to hide the Themes or Import Menu, or don’t want anyone messing with their Permalinks menu, or are frightened by the Delete Blog menu, this plugin will help.

    Toggles the following in WPMU 2.7

    ‘Site Administrator Gets Limited Menus?’,


    ‘Posts Add New’,

    ‘Posts Edit’,

    ‘Posts Tags’,

    ‘Posts Categories’,


    ‘Links Add New’,

    ‘Links Edit’,

    ‘Links Link Categories’,


    ‘Pages Add New’,

    ‘Pages Edit’,


    ‘Media Add New’,

    ‘Media Library’,



    ‘Appearance Themes’,


    ‘Users Authors and Users’,

    ‘Users Add New’,

    ‘Users Your Profile’,


    ‘Tools Import’,

    ‘Tools Export’,

    ‘Tools Turbo’,


    ‘Settings General’,

    ‘Settings Writing’,

    ‘Settings Reading’,

    ‘Settings Discussion’,

    ‘Settings Privacy’,

    ‘Settings Permalinks’,

    ‘Settings Media’,

    ‘Settings Miscellaneous’,

    ‘Settings Delete Blog’,

    ‘WPMU Media Buttons’,

    ‘WP Media Buttons’,


    If you use other plugins to add/disable/hide admin menus, there will be collisions/errors. Happy testing!

    Plugins adding menu pages to WPMU 2.7 Adminbar may not be hidden in all browsers.

    Favorites menu items toggle as well….”


    No. Here\’s some code from the plugin:

    ‘/* Hide the Dashboard link (2.5+) and the Tools menu (2.7) */

    function wphd_hide_dashboard() {

    global $menu, $current_user;

    if (!current_user_can(‘edit_posts’)) {

    if (0 <= wphd_hide_dashboard_version(‘2.6’)) {


    } else if (0 >= wphd_hide_dashboard_version(‘2.7’)) {







    I\’d remove \’unset($menu[4]);\’ and \’55\’ and see what happens. Someone who better understands programming may be able do add/edit this to get what you want.

    The plugin is from Kim Parsell. Perhaps you can convince her to expand it and make it more modular.


    The WP Hide Dashboard plugin may help.


    By backend menus for WP, do you mean you want to totally remove access to the wp-admin area?

    This has been a common request by others as well, especially if you have blogs turned off and are trying to hide it completely for subscribers.

    If you’re saying that each member still has a blog, but you want them to be able to create new blog posts and manage their blogs through the buddypress interface, that still is not a possibility, and would require an additional plugin (in my opinion) that does not yet (and may never) exist with BP…

    It is possible to setup default widgets for blogs, it’s a little tricky though. Also, in order to setup a default member blog, I’ve found the best way to do that is to only give them one option and only have one theme turned on the Site-Admin->Themes area. There may be a way to force a default theme, but I’ve never attempted it yet.


    same problem here, on wp mu 2.7,
    plus after having ‘runned’ that file twice with same alert.wp-admin/admin.php?page=bp-xprofile/admin-mods/bp-xprofile-account-tab.php (just to see what happen)

    homepage (on ‘root’+ BuddyPress Home Theme) did appear without most of the previously selected widgets (only the center/middle coloum did ‘survive’).

    funnily, so to speak, on the widgets board them appear deactivated,

    the “self-deactivated” widgets (after the double run of ‘ bp-xprofile-account-tab.php ‘ or incidentally at the same time but for other unknown reasons)

    • Welcome
    • Members
    • Who’s Online
    • Site Wide Activity
    • Recent Blog Posts
    • Groups

    so all dinamic related plugs

    Unafected widgets,in the Homepage, as this matter did possibily trigger homepage only (apparently)

    • pages
    • Recent post
    • Calendar
    • Search
    • Archives

    I’ve reactivated the ‘rebels’ widgets on their original position, content and setting
    were not affected by this incident

    I will hide (//) that string, even if I’m quite sure that function was working up to this morning, when I had All in One SEO , Google XML Sitemaps , and Post to SimpleMachines Forum SMF plugin already working

    I did a back up before to install:Add to Any: Share/Save/Bookmark Button- AJAX Comment Preview -OpenID – and SEO Smart Links,so I’m going to deactivate theese latests plug
    and see what happen backing up of 4-5 hors.

    please read this post as feedback.
    cheers 🙂

Viewing 8 results - 276 through 283 (of 283 total)
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