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  • Helps to know what theme you’re using, we haven’t done anything in particular to styles, majority of style work was for companion stylesheet 2017 theme.

    A link to the live site would let someone test with tools to see where the issue lies.

    We load the styles in the BP functions file automatically when we detect that the 2017 theme is in use. By and large these companion styles are not necessarily stand-alone styles they are built to work in conjunction with the WP theme styles so how they would work with a custom theme is impossible to say as we have no knowledge of the themes parent styles or markup.

    If you wanted to try you would need to do something like enqueue the stylesheet in a child theme of your custom theme in the functions.php file or ask the themes authors how you might use the stylesheet with their theme.

    You need to define ‘responsive’ in this context; what are you seeing as the issue?

    Running BP under twenty seventeen I see no particular issues for profile edit screens, but that is a cursory check, one theme, one browser.

    This is an announcement thread, please post any support issues in the main forums.

    Apparently ticketed:

    We’ll consider a possible solution or ‘hack’ 🙁 to avoid the issue.

    Check use cover image option is checked in the buddypress options screen, if it is you should see the tab to add or change cover image on the manage screen in your group.

    This isn’t really a Trac ticket subject, and is best handled in a forum setting really, I did pass comment though on Trac.

    On members loop last active simply states that when user last active the meta display is for last member status update not general site activity for a user id.

    There was/is a plugin called something like ‘Anouncement Groups’ that was as name suggested informational only , maybe not quite what is asked for as it joined all site members automatically but didn’t allow direct commenting / interaction but was read and notify only iirc

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    Hugo Ashmore


    and if you need a code example of how you might do this look at danbp’s reply here:

    Reply To: [Resolved] Display user id

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    Hugo Ashmore


    have you changed permalink settings?

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    bp_displayed_user_id(); will display the user id on BP screens/loops – but yes user ID’s are WP user ID’s

    The codex though does list basic template tags functions so always check through that first to see if what you need is available.

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    @venutius I’ve just updated the repo files, updating the example enqueueing functions as they needed improvement( although I consider that snippet as being a temp provision) and also updated the styles to add min-height and spacing improvements, not sure if that helps your situation but you can further modify those style if needed (just edit the .css version)

    @venutius Thanks for the write up, hopefully in time the idea may gain traction, as for a handler for loading those snippets I did have one in use locally but code was rough and ready, so may consider re-doing and making available on github, originally the idea was to add a loader for the snippets to the core buddypress-functions.php file where the main stylesheets are loaded from.

    For now all I can suggest I’m afraid is to play around with the min-height properties where they occur as it really is something that can never be a true one size fits all to create boxes unless we start adding JavaScript into the equation to test for the tallest box and set others to that.

    An aspect like DB is really A WP one rather than BP one. BP as a plugin running under WP uses the DB as created initially by WP so if WP is running or able to run on … then BP will.

    It is recommended that 5.6.0 be used but WP will run on older versions.

    This is the guide you need to read up on:

    Template Hierarchy

    has_directory means that if you click on a BP generated link /groups/type/foo/ or type that as a url/create a link to, then you will see that as the url and the loop will now show only groups of type ‘foo’

    Template hierarchy will allow you to create a file named in this manner:
    index-directory-type-foo.php (file must be a complete one though including WP headers/footers and all parts in-between.)

    This will only be used if looking at those group types in the loop/url but you can now edit that and change as you require and only affect that group type loop directory display.

    I’m afraid the notion of ‘Boxes’ when combined with variable dynamic content never does work (unless one uses javascript trickery, which has it’s own troubles – Masonry) The best one generally can do is id the troublesome elements and give them increased min-height (try locating the property I used to set min-height and increase) or padding to try and force elements to look lined up and outer boxes equal, I’m afraid to a degree it’s a question of playing around maybe limiting data using excerpt functions.

    Really happy to hear the style modules has been of interest though, hope you can adjust the styles to better suit your data.

    What your highlighting are really WP artifacts, Users / user Roles are handled / managed by WP styling the admin would be something outside BP’s control really, BP member loop directory could be styled but currently we don’t add WP user roles as classes to those list items (nor does WP ), also you would want to be careful about exposing certain roles i.e ‘admin’.

    BP core is updated so that member types are now added to the user screens so you’ll be able to style on those and /or you could add member types to match to certain user roles I guess and achieve frontend BP styling that way.

    If you inspect the generated markup you will see that the loop list elements will have a members type class rendered if user has a type you can then use those to effect styling on.

    In the member single screens it’s a little trickier you do have the ability to use the template hierarchy to set a template for a user type (please refer to the codex for instruction) otherwise for the moment you would need to modify the home.php template to add this yourself something like:

    <?php $user_type = bp_get_member_type( bp_displayed_user_id() ); ?>
    <div id="buddypress" class="<?php echo esc_attr( $user_type ); ?>">

    First line is an addition the second you need to modify the existing element to add the class and php – all in a child copy of the home.php template naturally.
    We will update buddpress core to add a class to the body elements for 2.8 as this would be useful and styling could be effected on that too so if you would rather wait for 2.8…

    It sounds like a template issue, there do need to be template revisions, additional template function tags to make this process work as detailed in the codex page here:

    Template Updates 2.7

    Custom themes may well not have updated their templates.

    Registering the new types can be done in theme functions files but then are locked to that theme or site.

    I can confirm point 3 as well and have opened a ticket to look into issues.

    As for point 1 we are looking into this, likely point 3 is part of the same issue.

    This is an announcement thread, please post any issues found to the “How to & Troubleshooting” forum.

    @jj9617 I have split your topic from the announcement thread so it gets better attention from the community.

    Why does this error on the second use of dbDelta() and not the first?

    It might help if WP could be re-installed as a clean copy not as one installed on the back of a server script installer, which can sometimes cause issues.

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