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  • Not sure it’s something we need to be busy with really, in reality if this field is left out the username is used for all display purposes so again I question the use of ‘anonymous’ to describe the registration? I asked earlier whether you had any plugins in use that might alter the way WP/BP names are handled, is there some change being made to what is normally displayed sitewide or is it just that you don’t want usernames being used for display?

    Ok yes it does – but this doesn’t mean users anonymous the ‘name’ field if the WP display name if our field is empty then the user name is displayed. I would suggest that white space is necessary what we’ll need to do is check for only white space and fail the submit.

    Hmm I tested this and couldn’t re-produce the issue, checked our code as well, maybe I only added two spaces not three? how would two versus three be any different though.

    @mikealan as Paul says we’ll release when we’re 100% happy with the templates, at the moment there is still some work to do and mainly falls to me to complete, thorough testing is then also important, I would revise the ETA to probably be a couple of months away.

    BP has checks in place for characters entered, you should not be able to register a username that just consists of white space without the form throwing an error message. Have you any additional plugins running that might be interfering with the BP registration process?

    @deimz firstly please accept deepest apologies for losing track of this thread, I did initially read but hadn’t time to follow through with. @Mercime has been writing up a Codex summary for last year and it jogged my memory on contributions.

    Mercime is planning – if not already done so – to add the pdf’s into the codex ( or links to ) in the developer section and again thanks for the offer and the effort in creating those lists they’ll be very helpful for many, you’ve also been credited in the BP summary.

    No it isn’t missing vital info, the clarification is directly after the instruction on naming convention for the BP folders in a child theme.

    N.B. Inside the subfolder โ€˜communityโ€™ you must preserve the path structure/folders that exist in the BP original /buddypress/ folder so /activity/ must be created to hold index.php or any of the other activity templates.

    We’re happy for people to contribute those new UX/UI improvements then!

    Like I said before please stop slatting BP and the people that provide this very complex app for FREE for your use.

    I’m not being impolite @unrealpixel but attempting to get people to realise that the tone of the thread is not pleasant ๐Ÿ™‚


    > Start a kickstarter page lol and hire an excellent UI/UX designer! BuddyPress is too popular of a plugin to have bad design.

    Do it then! What we provide is something that takes a lot of work to achieve and maintain and is the most unsatisfactory means of working with frontend code where we can’t go and add any custom styling as we’re bound to having to try and produce something that works with any theme layout and styling that might arise, again we do this on our own WORK time unpaid so you can understand why all we ask is that people are a little bit appreciative of those efforts ๐Ÿ™‚

    As stated above:

    > Your install has a plugin or custom code that generates that friendship request.

    Find the offending plugin and deactivate or get a developer to find the custom code and remove.

    @all Could we maybe a little less rude about BuddyPress styling we put a heck of a lot of our work time into providing BP as theme compatible app, it sounds like you’re all experiencing problems with premium WP themes affecting BP. Our registration screens are as best they can be made when we have to try and cater for unknown styling layouts.

    Above all else before making remarks please do try to bother to read the Codex documentation which explains just how to avail yourselves of the huge flexibility BP template hierarchy affords users and the ease in which you can overload all template files to child themes including the BP stylesheet. In other words RTFM ๐Ÿ˜‰

    > BuddyPress needs to do something about this.

    No we don’t! We don’t have to support premium themes we support themes coded to WP theme standards to do more is more work than a volunteer set of devs can handle. There is always the option of hiring a dev to get things settled in to your theme.

    @winstart I can’t replicate any issue with avatar or cover image uploads, can you ensure you have any third party plugins disabled and test again with a plain WP/BP install preferably running a Stock WP theme i.e 2017.

    I’ve closed the trac ticket for the moment, that’s more suitable when there is a proven issue.

    edited// although it still tests ok on my install – not really sure why – r-a-y is right the function should pass a default value, and has patched.

    This has been opened as a trac ticket:

    can you provide the details requested there, thanks.

    Can you give a literal example of a password that fails, are you suggesting “just a /” or single digit password?

    @sourfew Thanks for pointing this out, the trunks readme.text file stable tag had been inadvertently reverted, but it’s corrected now.

    We may need to be clearer on the steps to replicate this as…
    With a twentyseventeen theme, BP trunk, stable bbpress no other plugins.

    With an index page displaying the forums list shortcode & search input I can search for forum topics quite happily, returning results to the page showing bbp results.

    However tested on single site not MS and use of directory MS rather than sub-domain might be a factor.

    Hugo Ashmore


    Editing either the templates or customizing the backend functions managing user name display are the only means to achieve this, I’m sorry you’ve had issue with applying php solutions as in the other post but practise makes perfect, or contract a developer to do the work you need for your site.

    P.S No using CSS to hide anything is not the correct way forward! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hugo Ashmore


    Note: Please do not provide a .php fix. I edited the php a couple days ago to apply a fix (unrelated to this one) and it crashed my entire site. I will not be editing the php.

    I suggest then that you consider contracting a developer to do this for you or contact memberpress to provide a solution.

    We are a volunteer help forum for buddypress, the best we can really do is provide code that might help you but doing that while bearing in mind offering code is more than should be expected on these sorts of forums.


    I can do that. However, I havenโ€™t found any documentation to that effect, and it seems to be much more complicated than the template hierarchy documentation implies:

    Hmm I was 99.999% sure I had or we (r-a-y & I wrote the two main codex pages for template hierarchy) had explicitly mentioned this point about full templates but I checked the other day and failed to find it, so our apologies for that omission. I will try & rectify that with a codex update on relevant pages when I have time.

    @kalico when you create thse template files for index they must be full templates not partials i.e they must include the WP get_header(), get_footer() and any other markup structures representing your themes structure.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ we might have spotted that – regardless you’ll need to approach the theme authors to update their theme or find a new theme.

    @paripari it’s the weekend so help is likely to be a little slower.

    Based on what you show it’s going to be quite hard to suggest what’s wrong apart from the obvious & from a jpg without any other detail of the events surrounding the problem almost impossible.

    I can just about see that your using a custom theme ( I have quite good eyesight but that text is really small!) and that you have the issue referenced as occurring from the sidebar.php of the theme, I’m guessing a custom bp loop or widget. You’ll need initially to approach the theme authors and ask them if they can help out, if not then re-post here but supply a little detail about your setup and the sidebar file contents.

    Helps to know what theme you’re using, we haven’t done anything in particular to styles, majority of style work was for companion stylesheet 2017 theme.

    A link to the live site would let someone test with tools to see where the issue lies.

    We load the styles in the BP functions file automatically when we detect that the 2017 theme is in use. By and large these companion styles are not necessarily stand-alone styles they are built to work in conjunction with the WP theme styles so how they would work with a custom theme is impossible to say as we have no knowledge of the themes parent styles or markup.

    If you wanted to try you would need to do something like enqueue the stylesheet in a child theme of your custom theme in the functions.php file or ask the themes authors how you might use the stylesheet with their theme.

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 3,980 total)
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