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    Hugo Ashmore


    Is this definitely related to BuddyPress, if not we can’t really help!

    If mentioning plugins then please name them so we know what you are referring to.

    At this stage with the level of detail you are providing we are not going to be able to help further.

    If you need help then describe the situation in detail; BP versions, WP versions, and any plugins by name and action that are active and that relate to the issue.

    Hugo wasn’t able to grant access, hugo is meant to be able to 😉

    @djpaul nope it isn’t that is one of the dilemmas, it’s a display name rather than user name? Regardless @bobbingwide as your account pre-dates or should pre-date the codex user capability changes you should be able to edit/create pages, can you confirm one way or another?

    @djpaul yes aware of that but we only changed things for new users from a point in time forwards, existing users retained their editing role e.g ‘bobbingwide’ who has had existing account fora few years.

    @bobbingwide Existing user accounts should have edit capability, it was only newer accounts where we needed to manage the spam activity, so if you could try editing a page and let us know if you are having issues.

    One thing we have to do on the forum is update our user display names to something new which helps kick the profile topic tracking into life.
    edit// Scrub above you’re already an active participant I see looking at your profile.

    Having a look to see what your user capability status is…

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    Hugo Ashmore


    You have to have the complete template in WP terms i.e header and footer if you create thse types og custom BP templates.

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    Hugo Ashmore


    Do you mean this?:

    Activity auto-refresh Automatically check for new items while viewing the activity stream

    In BP settings tab!

    Then you’ll want to 😉 Please read the codex guides we wrote them to help explain these sorts of requirements.

    Have a read and pop back if further questions arise after reading the guides.


    I should be able to publish it and did ???

    I’ll have a look and see if it is in draft status.

    @monk3 you seem to want to persist in what can only be described as an abrasive, mildly antagonistic manner in the response above. I suggest that you probably have lost the interest of the two members who did respond and might have continued to had you not closed them down with remarks like useless response such as, “It depends”.

    Good luck finding those answers elsewhere, a less confrontational attitude might get you better results though regardless of the initial responses you may get, remember on most forums such as this people with the knowledge that you seek are volunteers, not paid and not obliged in any way to help, common courtesy thus is generally expected.

    Closing this thread.

    GD module and/or imagick modules are essential for WP operation in manipulating images re-sizing etc so if you had tested the media library you might have spotted issues with uploading and dealing with images, ( I believe that GD is a core module in later php versions so doesn’t need installing separately so may be worth checking PHP version)

    It’s always wise to establish that WP works fully before enabling testing BP. BP is simply a plugin running under WP as such it will use WP core functionality and in turn follow the server requirements that WP needs.

    There is no BP server requirements codex entry as such for the reasons above we do though very briefly note some requirements here:
    Not sure if you saw that?

    Server requirements are really a WP aspect, We could re-iterate the WP requirements in a little more detail or perhaps link through to the WP codex though.

    Hopefully 2.3.3 will be packaged up before too long when one of the lead devs has time to review it and run the build.

    >Merges [9967] to the 2.3 branch for 2.3.3.

    >I downloaded buddypress and the template pack too

    Why did you download the template pack, can you tell us what led you to the template pack, that package is quite old and not relevant you shouldn’t need it if you simply allow the BP theme compatibility process to run and copy any files if you need to customize them to your theme as explained in the article linked to above.

    We’d be interested to know what led you to the Template Pack so we can see if we have misleading guides and/or links to it that we can qualify to make things clearer.

    The question ought to be what is the user trying to achieve, what id the point of adding an empty content? Tell us why and we might be able to tell you a better or best approach to what you want.

    The CSV files column names aren’t important it’s what you map those to when you run the import script, so you need to identify the profile field names and whatever column in your CSV file is going to correspond to the correct data.

    Are you referring to using BP running under one of the default WP themes? If so please state so, it helps, the image is inconclusive and doesn’t help much.

    If you are running under 2014 or 2015 then you may be inheriting the companion styles we introduced with BP 2.3

    If you check the codex in the theme section you will find a guide to these companion styles and instructions on how to de-register those new styles.

    Well in a desktop browser narrowed right down it’s a responsive or rather a fluid layout so should be displaying fairly well, however I’m afraid this is more an issue that the theme has to handle we can only do so much with BP elements when they are rendered in unknown themes.

    First port of call should be to the theme authors to check there isn’t something they can do to allow BP to run better in their theme.

    This should have been flagged up when it came to light, I’ve had to wrestle with this and another excerpt issue for a client.

    The fix is quite involved for the truncation issue so @danbp do follow along with ticket resolution in case temp fixes need removing/adjusting unless of course fixes were made to the core file where they’ll be overwritten automatically.

    This is an issue that has been identified and ticketed and in the process of being corrected, hopefully it will be included in a point release, if not we can show how to modify or replace the core file in the interim short term.

    @pihla I can’t replicate this issue on a trunk install or stable 2.3.1 tag on single site twentyfifteen/fourteen.

    I can create groups with out issue and they receive the group creator as primary admin / member

    Are there any other possible factors overlooked that could be affecting things?

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 4,312 total)
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