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Re: 404 /blog /members etc… RC2 WPMU 2.7.1



@JeffSayre: the problem was first discovered on a running install with 10 blogs (which is currently crippled because of different languages). I’m thinking about creating a separate plugin with some regexp support so it’ll filter out the basic language for non-qtranslate enabled blogs.

With the first test install, not everything didn’t work like specified because I was using different domains. After I needed to play with a development version on live domains for that, for swift periods so those changes wouldn’t interrupt too much of the normal services.

Since the test install didn’t work under a test-domain, I needed to do it this ackward way, which required more time. Now I’m again porting the entire buddypress template towards the one I’m currently having installed…

Still, the qtranslate is a big miss, since it is currently causing havoc on the main “hotsite” and also for those with bi-langual articles…

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