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Re: 404 error on bp links

Thanks for quick reply @boonebgorges , but I’ve tried all the permalink options. A couple of things that might help to identify the problem: 1) If I create a link, this finds the BP activity index page but subsequent links within that page revert to 404’s e.g. or any other. This seems to indicate that BP is in the wrong directory? and 2) When I use /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%/ permalinks, I get returns a 404. Please note that with all other pages and links generated via WordPress Dashboard works fine with or without BP installed. I use Siteground ( who I am sure have rewrite mods enabled. Do you think I should copy BP files into a higher directory away from my theme directory? Should I load a BP functions file into the root directory like the Forum component (e.g. public_html/bb-config.php)?
One other thing : when I copied from my home PC using FIlezilla, I copied into the www directory, not into the public_html directory. I am not sure what the www directory does? Does it replicate whatever is in the public_html? Hope you cn help.

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