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Re: 404 Page Not Found Issues – Mod Rewrite



OK, I might be suffering from this if I knew what “this” was. My MU homepage works fine. When I go to the blog (there’s only one for now) homepage it gives me header/footer/sidebar, but 404 where the body should be.

In the sidebar, I can click on my about page and other pages I’ve added which show up with the mod-rewrite rule I made in admin. On the main homepage screen, I can click on the links for posts and the show up fine.

It’s only the blog homepage that I get these errors. My setup is a bit funny.

Root directory has 2 files wp-config and htaccess and 2 folders /core and /wp-content. The blog homepage is pointing to /core whereas the site homepage is correctly root. I’m still testing on XAMPP for windows.

Yes I did ask on MU forums, but since it came up here, I’d thought I’d ask.

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