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Re: 4th crash; member directory learning, now in 2nd grade …


This is almost like a sci-fi movie! The system continues to learn, and not from users logging in to the system. At 3 pm, there were 250 members listed in the Member directory by counting each of the listings for all of the letters. By 7:30 pm, there were 300 members listed in the Member directory. Since our Buddypress folder is login protected, no one has accessed the yet to be announced social network.

But I am also shocked by something else – user avatars are starting to populate the member directory profiles and yet because of our member login script, I can see who has logged in to our website and it has been all of three people this afternoon.

This makes me think there is some external wordpress connection where people who have a wordpress account somewhere else have their avatars associated with an identical email to those profiles in our Buddypress installation.

This would also give logic to Andy’s explanation that the member’s appear after they have logged in. If those members are wordpress enabled somewhere else and are logging in, perhaps their profiles are suddenly populating the Member Directory.

Does that make sense? I certainly hope so because otherwise I will freak that there is a security breach in the system.

– Brian

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