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Re: Activating bp-default = White Screen of Death, Including Admin

Jeff Sayre


Okay, I’m just checking to make sure that we are on the same page. What exactly do you mean by “virgin setup”. Is everything brand, spanking new?

To me, a virgin install is this:

  • You’ve deleted all the content (visible and invisible) from your root folder
  • Your using a blank DB that has a different name, username, and password from any that you’ve used before
  • You’ve cleared your browser’s cache
  • You’ve downloaded a new copy of WPMU and installed it, creating brand new wp-config and .htaccess files
  • You’ve downloaded the newest BuddyPress trunk (if running bleeding edge). If using a tagged version of BP, then you’ve downloaded that version again to have a fresh, clean copy. You then manually install BP and then activate it.
  • You have no other themes installed in wp-contents (other than the default WPMU and BP themes)
  • You have no other plugins except BP (and possibly the default plugins that come with WPMU)

Also, it does not hurt to clear your Apache and PHP error logs so that you can easily see any errors specific to your new install.

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