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Re: Activation Not Working!



hmmmm…I’m not using any other plugins other than buddypress and Dynamic Content Gallery in the regular plugins folder. This wasn’t an issue a few days ago, but suddenly it stopped working, and I haven’t done anything to the core.

I’m using the latest trunk version, so it’s not a bug with RC-1.

The weirdest thing about it is if I add a subdomain to the activation email…ie., the domain suddenly becomes activated, and the password is given. Can’t figure out why adding the subdomain to the URL would work, but I just tested it for the heck of it and it actually worked! Now I’m even more confused…maybe I’ll just hack the core and make it send emails out with the subdomain in the link ;) … but really, I’d love to know why that is happening…I know hacking the core isn’t the best idea :)

To see what exactly I’m talking about…check out the two links below and take a look at the URL in each one…both have the exact same activation keys…but only the one with the “community” subdomain shows up correctly:

Activation WITH “community” subdomain:

Activation without “community” subdomain:

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