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Re: Activity DB Design Discussion




YES! I am glad someone agrees with me that it should be a registry. It could start out as a very basic class and grow over time.

The monkey wrench is the idea that Andy threw out about activity being the hub and components the spokes. Right now the activity stream is a service that components use, but with his idea this role is (sort of) reversed. So it will be tough to come up with a final solution until this part is ironed out. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with the idea, but its critical to decide on it first.

With Andy’s idea, a registry pattern might still work well, but it will depend on exactly how much of the other component’s functionality is handled by the activity component. Will it be passed data, or will it be passed callback functions, or will it call template methods etc.

Personally, I don’t think the activity stream should have any idea what it is displaying. It should only be passing item_ids to template methods or callbacks and expecting that data to be formatted in a very specific way (a combination of Registry and Template Method patterns).

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