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Re: Activity stream as front page in BP 1.2.4, WP 3.0 b2

Brandon Allen


Just to clear up what @mercime and @hnla said, BP 1.2.4 was, in fact, released to not only fix outstanding issues in the 1.2.x branch, but to also improve support for WP 3.0:

This highly anticipated version provides fixes to 74 reported tickets and adds improved support for WordPress 3.0 to help ensure a safe and worry free upgrade. (

There has been a ticket reported as stated in a earlier post to this topic. From looking at Trac, it looks like there might be a 1.2.5 release since WP 3.0 won’t be out until mid-June at the earliest, and the BP 1.3 branch can’t really be finalized until WP 3.0 is stabilized/finalized. This is obviously an issue people are having, so if anyone wants to go and add some info to the ticket about your setup it would likely help get the issue resolved.

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