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Re: Add Friend – not adding



Important update!!

Burtadsit and others: Good news is it’s working! – and I owe you a big apology if I’ve sent you spinning of in random directions.

I know you asked for 755 a hundered times. Given the 404 I triple checked this. As a long shot, I downloaded a different FTP client and set it to chmod 755 from mu-plugins all the way down, recursively and to files and subirectories. Even though I did with my previous FTP client, apparently it didn’t do a good job.

so, I download Filezilaa and it seemed to do something the other FTP client didn’t. Modemlooper – I explicitly previously granted that directory and that file 755 access but that didn’t work until I did this recursive chmod on all of it.

Burtadsit – thanks so much for your time and please accept my apologies since this was effectively user error (though I can blame it on the crappy FTP tool!;))

I’m a happy camper now!

modemlooper, try what I did since we have the *exact* same problem.


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