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Re: adding new alert into activity stream

Boone Gorges


@ninanoki – There are three strategies for doing what you want to do.

1) Load WP/BP in the background when you, for instance, save a mediawiki edit. You can do that by including wp-load.php. Then you can use the BP activity API, as @nuprn1 suggests above. The downside is that you’ve got a lot of overhead, loading both MW and WP at the same time.

2) Write directly to the WP database with a MW extension. I wrote this a while back and it is out of date and doesn’t work right now, but you could hack it to work. Downside: it’s fugly

3) You could pull edits in via RSS. I have a working version of such a plugin on my localhost right now, but I have to clean it up before releasing it. It’ll let the admin put in any RSS feed (like MW Recent Changes) and have the updates be posted as activity items. If you’re sharing a user database, it’ll even key the user_id correctly. I might get a chance to work this up in the next day or two, and I’ll post it on these forums when I do.

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