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Re: agenda plugin and file sharing plugin



Ah I see your problem and no the Calendar plugin does not the have agenda functions you are looking for.. Right now it’s still a bare bones plugin which does what it says, but nothing more..I’m hoping they will expend it in the near future and you can always point them to this thread to let them know you are interested and might take a subscription..

I’ve just become a member of Dev-Premium because I was interested in a lot of their plugins.. I can’t really judge if the money is worth it for a longer period of time, but their support is good and they are actively developing stuff for BuddyPress and WPMU.. It really depends on the site you want to run.. If you want to make some money with Ads and premium memberships for members you can find some really good plugins which makes this easy to fulfill….

I’m developing a non profit website so I will probably need to cancel my membership at the end of the month and become a premium member again when I have some extra money left! I’ve downloaded some cool themes and plugins for WPMU and BuddyPress so I’m happy with their service and corresponding price tag.. Hope this helps!

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