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Re: agenda plugin and file sharing plugin



If you are planning on modifying the Group Calendar at WPMU-Dev I highly suggest not doing it. It works OK in the front end, but if you dig in, you soon realize that it is very poorly coded. The programmer is obviously a beginner and there is very little abstraction and tonnes of unneeded duplication, so making any changes is a real pain. No offence intended, its just the way it is. It ain’t poetry!

I changed the plugin substantially and added the ability to turn it on and off for each group. I also added the ability for groups to display a combined calendar of many groups – color coded by group. I also added the ending dates and times for events.

I requested all these things at WPMU-Dev but they basically said no, not interested, so I developed them myself. Seeing as it’s open source I can release it to anyone else if they want it. But seeing as it was previously with WPMU-Dev and seeing as how the foundation code is soo poor, i hesitate to release it as a plugin in the WP repository.

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