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Re: ¿Included BBPress in BuddyPress or integrate standalone BBPress?



This is something I’ve been pondering about myself.

It really depends on your community’s needs and how you anticipate growth.

If you like how has their forums, then you’d want a separate install of bbPress.

If you anticipate that you’d want other forums besides the ones created by groups, then you’d want a separate install of bbPress.

If you want more administrative control over your forums (moderation, plugins), then you’d want a separate install.

If you like the fact that forums are only created within the Groups infrastructure, then go with a “new install”. Positives about this approach is you wouldn’t have to modify your BP template often, whereas going with a separate install requires you to create a new bbPress template to match the rest of your site.

I have a question for the BP devs: let’s say I go with the new, integrated forum approach and want to switch back to my old, separate install… I’d probably have to restore a database backup as well as a backup of my files right?

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