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Re: Alternative to Facebook

Jack Reichert


I was thinking about how to tackle that problem. What I envisioned would be that each member would have a “virtual calling card”. When they connect with someone in the decentralized network the person they connect with would store this (and only this) card in their database.

Essentially what would be included would be their basic, public information, including an rss of their news-stream. The effect would be as if you went to your facebook page. Just as in FB when you click on an album you go to that page, this would work the same way.

No one authority would need to manage this system.

To solve to WP/BP issues above I think that it would be really effective to leverage the is_user_logged_in() and current_user_can(‘administrator’) functions:
If a user is not logged in, it shows a regular theme, like any other blog.
If user is logged in it show the BP interface.
If user is admin it shows the BP dashboard.
This would effectively separate between wordpress and buddypress dashboards, as well as offer a person the ability to have a one-stop shop for their social and professional needs.

For the DB issues, bbpress requires it’s own table but shares the user table with wordpress, would this be an option?

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