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Re: Alternative to Facebook

Arx Poetica


@jeffsayre I’ve chatted on a few occasions w/ @djpaul about distributive technologies w/ regards to BuddyPress. (Actually, I talked w/ @apeatling & @johnjamesjacoby during WordCamp NYC 09 about some of the possibilities, too.) I would say I’m much more aware of the semantic protocols. I actually haven’t ever delved into the stack, but I’m excited to do it. I’ve read several of your posts over the last year. I keep track of Messina, Smarr, Shephard, Hammer-Lahav, Recordon, and other advocates…

…I started out with the interest in just getting my own site running on the stack. But my interest kind of snowballed, and now I’m pretty much thoroughly all around passionate about it. I’ll set myself up so I can start working. Maybe just tell those of us who want in where to go. :)

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