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Re: Alternative to Facebook



Wow, amazing analysis by Boone… I really “get it” now. Andrea_r also has a good point though that WPMU is distributed in other ways that are meaningful and powerful. I think the author’s comment was just speculation, and limited to a project called “DiSo” that was apparently designed to integrate with WordPress; not sure if DiSo worked at all with MU.

The part about that quote that resonated with me is just the idea of “WP wasn’t designed from the ground up to host BP.” When I’m writing something for BP, I always feel like I’m gaming WordPress to do something it was not really designed to do. So I’m writing code that somehow has to play nice with the host, WordPress, which is awesome in its own right – but what I’m really trying to do is build a social network. So it would be more logical to me to say, “OK, here’s my BuddyPress network. WP is really good at XYZ, so how can I adapt *WordPress* to meet my BP needs?”

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