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Re: Andy, Still an error

ok, here is what I just did…

1) deleted all databases completely

2) created brand new database for the MU/BP install

3) Installed latest trunk of MU 2.7

4) Tested everything…no issues at all

5) Installed latest trunk of BP

6) Looked at the DB, the correct fields are there

7) Tested everything…no issues at all

–“Full Name” Field is there

–Registration goes perfectly

The above is using the WPMU Default theme!

Now, I have pulled that problem script out of the header of my custom theme and am going to upload it, activate it and see what happens without the script. Will report back.


Everythign worked fine. Next.

Ok, I added the php script back into the header….”Full Name” field gone again. So we have done the same procedure abotu 10 times and have concluded that that will not fix the issue. I think its time to start looking at this differently. I can say with 100% certainty that this all worked fine, perfectly, ALWAYS without exception on the Buddypress Beta 1. Back to square one!

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