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Re: Announcing: Events component



Hey – I’m somewhat of a noob with all this but fairly technically adept and have been doing OK. I have installed events via your directions and also uninstalled (deleted with the plugin delete utility) and installed again with the new “browser auto install of zip files” feature. It looks like all functionality is there except for when you go to Events on the pull down menu for the user – you get “Not Found / No Access The page you are looking for either does not exist, or you do not have the permissions to access it.” I’ve been poking through the files and didn’t see any in the mu-plugins directory but when I added the files as instructed, I got that big gnarly “cannot redeclare events” error message that was a few posts back..This is a killer plugin that I’m excited about..can you help? My environment is latest versions of wpmu and buddypress as installed in the last few days. I’m running a test environment with the “buddydress” theme that incorporates the same look and feel for wp and bp..thanks in advance for your help.


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