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Re: Ant release date set for BP1.3?

Hugo Ashmore


but it’s still prone to being buggy. I’ll say :)

It’s reasonably stable for judicious development on while mentally noting areas that appear buggy, but one caveat , progress with it’s development is fast and furious :0 so update your repo checkout often to keep up with fixes as I experienced recently.

@DJPaul can you just confirm or settle that confusion on what platform 1.3 will require as far as I’m aware it’s simply the WP 3.* stream rather than 3.1

Edit// hmm just viewed that twitter link, slightly confused now. I have 1.3 albeit a trunk checkout prior to John Jame’s changes that runs on 3.0.4 what has changed or did it really never run ‘fully’ on 3.*. Also wasn’t aware Nacin was a BP developer how is it he knows better than you what BP will run on :)

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