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Re: Are We Wasting Our Time?



Ok, I would like to say that I appreciate everyone’s post to this topic. The site is open and anyone can join as of now. It’s live and I never really said I was going to sit around for five years. A lot of people are getting that idea. I think one person actually got the idea that I am trying to do.


Drupal is a good software but, slow for development just like you had said. That’s a good reason why we didn’t use that software.

@David Lewis

I don’t think we’re going to fork it. :)


Yes, we would have our own custom code and maybe a whole new platform. That wouldn’t be a bad thing. At least I wouldn’t think so. I would love to talk to another developer and see what they thought. I have a few in my contacts maybe I’ll give them e-mail and see what they think.

Everyone here as actually looked at the idea not the possibility. I just wanted to know if wp and bp could handle a service like this? I am thinking about and how many users they might be running. If it’s in the thousands than good. We can at least learn where the faults might be(if any) that might be preventing them from growing. The whole idea in a nutshell is to have a social networking site that anyone can join and use. Of course we wouldn’t want to be bloated and non-usable.

P.S.- No I am not trying to sound harsh, mean, or any other unkind word that someone may think of. Just tired and cranky from a long day:)

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