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Re: Attachments for Activity Items (f.i. Photos, Videos, Events, Links)



I don’t agree with the patent, but I would rather Facebook own it than a patent troll company that makes a living patenting technology for the sole purpose of suing established business that rely on the technology. Facebook has a reputation to uphold, unlike patent trolls who don’t care about their rep. Facebook patents all of their technology, no matter how dumb it may seem, to protect themselves from patent trolls. Amazon did the same thing with one-click.

IANAL, but from what I read it seems that the key to the patent is the “algorithm”, otherwise it might look too much like RSS to be patentable, so if your feed is simply reverse chronological order then everything is probably cool. Will be interesting to see how this plays out though. A patent is just a piece of paper until a judge is reading it.

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