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Re: Avatar Crop Page Header and Background Image don’t load



=== The IMages just don’t even load on the crop page, which is not really a huge problem, but it is sort of ugly and out of place. ===

@Bigjimmysisco I understand that your avatars uploads are working. Good for you because most of the problems I saw in these forums were the avatar uploads and not that of header or background image upload/rendering.

Since it’s the loading of the background image and a header image that is failing for you, we have to troubleshoot what’s causing the block to a very basic function.. So are you using the bp-default theme or child theme of the bp-default theme OR a custom theme? If it’s the first two, then reupload manually (via FTP/cPanel) buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default theme to your server. If it’s a custom theme, contact theme author of theme glitches for BP 1.2.7/WP 3.0.4.

Another aspect to consider is that default maximum file size uploads are 2MB or less. Check image file size. Check also image file types allowed – jpg, gif, png.

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