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Re: Avatar Problem – minimum dimensions?


First thanks for all your hard work making BuddyPress happen. As a graphic and UI/UX designer, please let me know if I can help the project in some way.

I installed BuddyPress yesterday with the latest trunk r544 and everything seems to be woking fine except when a new user attempts to upload an Avitar at initial signup. The following error is thrown: Upload Failed! Your photo dimensions are likely too big.

This error occurs no matter what the size of the image being uploaded. Even a jpg 20 X 20px returns this error. You can view this error by adding a new blog at

If I add a user manually in the admin and then login as that new user, I can successfully add an avitar no problem. The problem only occurs at initial signup for a new blog. Any thoughts? Can I disable the avitar upload requirement for the time being untill the issue is resolved?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Very best,


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