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Re: Avatar uploading to wrong folder



Hi Paul, I trust you have fully recovered from Kilkenny by now.

You mention in trac that you’re not getting much technical detail about each install; as it happens, this problem has cropped up on a BP install on my purely-experimental, not-at-all-production, mucking-about server, you would be very welcome to ssh in as root or login to WHM – EasyApache makes it pretty easy to see what is and is not installed.

I also have that new ServerBuddy server analysis plugin installed, lists various settings and permissions in a pleasing enough manner.

The site where this crops up for me is:

… and, just to be clear, it isn’t a problem for me, this install will be getting wiped anyway, I just thought it might be an interesting and accessible example of the problem in the wild.

So, what’s happening is that the image URLs are missing the “wp-content/” part:

Images are appearing in pages as, for instance,

… when, of course, they should be

This is BP 1.2.3 on an MS WP 3.0b1, so, there is no Settings > Miscellaneous to attempt the Full URL path magic trick you suggested above but it is a pretty clean, recently installed CentOS + WHM box, standards settings, it might be useful in figuring out why the paths are getting mangled.

Again, this a purely experimental site and server, I didn’t actually expect to get BP working properly on a beta WP anyway, don’t worry about breaking anything, just let me know if you think it might be useful and want me to send you the passwords.

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