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Re: Avatar uploads but does not display



I have exactly the same issue. Am running BP 1.2.1 and the BuddyPress Template Pack 1.0.2 on an IIS7.

Whats really weird, is I just tried this in IE8 and it worked fine with a particialar file.

Then I tried it in FireFox 3.5.8 with FireBug enabled and I had the same problem you had, with a different file. I got “500 URL Rewrite Module Error” when trying to GET the picture name I just uploaded.

I through thats strange and so I went back to IE and uploaded a different file and it also failed.. so not browser related.. it’s something do do with the file itself??. I can’t figure out exactly what but several of the files I’ve tried don’t upload and show the crop – my guess after some experimentation is there is some rule about the minimu file size needed to crop?

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