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Re: Badge Maker



Ok I’ve installed the plugin, and I really like it! It works well, and it’s easy to use! Thanks again Warut! Some small improvements you could make:

1: Make the xprofile field names strong instead of normal in the badge. Right now you have:

Name: Admin

better would be:

name: admin

2: Add an CSS option to control the color of the xprofile field names. So you can give them a matching color.

3: Personally I would like to keep my navigation menu clean, so I menu item for the badge maker page, is not really needed. I would rather have the button/link to the badge create page here:

Because in the future I might add several plugins, the profile navigation might become very busy and the badge maker is not “important” enough to put in the menu. Maybe this can be a admin option?

That’s about it for now :) thanks for making this!

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