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Re: Badge Maker



@Bowe thanks for comment,

text in badge was created by GD library so it is an image so i can’t use css for specific text color. however i agree that strong xprofile field make it easy to read.

thing i can do is make xprofile field and data different (strong and color)

i have several plugin tab too, so first i try to add badge menu to be “sub menu” in profile nav but not yet success so i make it show in main profile menu for testing.

@dre1080 that error because your profile image (maybe gravatar) not a JPEG file. I will fix this soon. (if want to test now, you can use member with uploaded JPEG profile image)

I go holiday about 4 days so cant correct code now, if anyone found others error please post here, i will fix bug posting here after get back to work.

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