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Re: bbPress Integration with 1.1 – “Error when creating a topic”

Peter Kirn


copgarden: What were you upgrading from? How was your forum set up prior to the upgrade? I’m guessing there must be something different in your setup relative to mine.

Update – I have tried creating a NEW group and posting to that. That works fine. So I suspect that perhaps the issue is that the previous groups are trying to point to our old forums installation? I just need to figure out how to revert our existing 25 groups to whatever

In the database, how does BuddyPress 1.1 point groups at the appropriate forum in its new integrated bbPress install?

Actually, as I think about this, it makes sense that this didn’t work. Presumably, when you opt for a fresh install, it sets up bbPress inside buddypress but does not try to create any new forums. So how can I force those groups to create new forums, I wonder, if checking / unchecking doesn’t work?

On the same lines, for some reason – even though I opted to do a fresh install – the Forums link on the main homepage is still trying to point to our old forum install (that is,

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