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Re: bbPress Integration with 1.1 – “Error when creating a topic”

Peter Kirn


Hi John – thanks for the detailed response. I did read the documentation. The problem is – and I didn’t realize this until after my first attempt at the upgrade was finished – that documentation doesn’t appear to cover the scenario of an existing, integrated bbPress setup with bbPress stored in a *different* database. So, initially, I tried to choose the existing installation. When that didn’t work, I went back into admin and chose the option that allows you to try again with a fresh installation. What I’m trying to fix now is a *new* bbPress installation – but with existing groups.

Certainly, what you describe makes absolute sense. So now, I’m just looking for a resolution. I’m not concerned about existing forum posts; I think we can start fresh.

I’m looking now at the database. In wp_bp_groups_groupmeta, I see id and group_id.

In wp_bp_groups, I see id and enable_forum.

But enable_forum is the boolean for that checkbox. I don’t see where the forum_id is stored; it’s not listed as a field in either of those tables. Do I need to look at the bbpress table? How is the forum id matched up with the group id, since that seems to be the issue? Presumably if I delete the fields for that metadata, then disable the forum option for each of the groups, then re-enable, it should create new forums, yes? But where do I find that forum ID metadata, or can I actually simply delete the metadata for each of the groups that has a forum?

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