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Re: Best Event Plugin?



I’ve used and what I like about it is that the event is associated with a post for the additional details. The events added using this plugin will be automatically integrated in user’s activity stream because events are created via published Posts.

Setting up events would work easily if you allow access to main site’s dashboard so all logged-in users can add new post with the event information. That solves everything. Thing is, I don’t want users going anywhere near the backend of the main site where BP is installed :-)

What would be ideal is an add-on to the plugin with frontend interface for logged-in users who do not have blogs. They could add the event information in the BP area. Those who have blogs could add events from their own dashboard Write/Edit panel.

One just needs a way to aggregate events posted in blogs to seamlessly integrate with events posted from BP front-end interface. That way, all events whether posted in BP area or user blogs will appear in order for Upcoming Events list and/or big calendar.

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