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Re: Beta problems

Burt Adsit


Hi Andy, Trent. I just assumed that I’d be able to send a msg to any user in the bp community. Friend or not. I saw the ‘send messge’ button in the user profile area now that you mentioned it. If I assume that, then run of the mill users will assume that too. Then I get to field the ‘why doesn’t it work questions’.

Ya know it’s gonna happen.

The group create not completing only happens on my DV server. Works fine on my windows box.(sigh)

I had group forums up and running on the windows box. Installed latest mu trunk and bp beta and that is not working now. Went thru all the integration and setup instructions as per the readme. No soap.

Hell, my windows mu install *was* talking to the forums on my DV bbpress install and locally. Now nothing, nowhere.

It’s lonely out here in the field. :)

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