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Re: Beta problems

Strange you are seeing these problems, I decided to set up a fresh install WPMU 2.6.x and the BuddyPress combo beta1.

Firstly, the auto-complete doesn’t just complete on user’s names – it actually finds users based on their profile data too. Try it. It’s confusing and probably shouldn’t be like that, but I just reused the member search function for now. That should clear that up.

I tried creating two users and making them friends, the auto complete seemed to work both on Firefox and Safari. Are you using IE6? I can’t confirm it works in IE6, but I definitely got it working in IE7 before I tagged the beta.

Group creation seemed to work fine, when not uploading an group avatar, actually uploading an avatar – and also both with and without inviting friends. I did notice that two finish buttons displayed with the invite link, this is definitely a bug.

All I can really say is – try clearing your browser cache – perhaps you have old JS cached? I did change the messaging JS to a PHP file that dynamically loads some variables and then sends as a JS file. If you are using IE6 – don’t. Not with the beta.

Hopefully not everyone else is getting these problems, otherwise we’re going to see beta 2 pretty quickly.

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