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Re: Beta problems



I’m using Firefox and have cleared my cookies and cache multiple times but still didn’t have any luck.

Personally I’d like to have the auto-complete just look at a user’s username and “Full Name”. Like I said above, I have a friend “justin” on my site but when I type J only another user without any Js in their name is displayed. Also, I’d like to see the original messaging behavior re-implemented, along with an auto-complete as well, where a username could be typed directly into the Send To box. Because I can’t type them directly and the auto-complete isn’t working I have to manually visit profiles to send messages as opposed to simply typing them.

Andy, I know you said you tested it with 2.6.X and didn’t have any problems but you may want to try it on 2.7 as well as this is what a lot of us (and I assume as well) are running so we can try to get the forum functionality working.

I suspect this issues may also be related to the DV since it doesn’t seem too widespread and Andy hasn’t been able to replicate it.

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