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Re: Beta problems



Yep, same here. Here’s my post from the other thread w/ some details on my problems:

Since upgrading to the latest components I’ve been running into a lot of errors and bugs, particularly with the messaging component.

First and most importantly I am unable to send messages. This problem leads me to the second issue I’m facing which is that the auto-complete is not working as expected.

A user first emailed me about this on my live site and I first verified the issue there. Basically it’s impossible to send messages to anyone, the page just reloads, the message is erased, and an error that reads “Message could not be sent, please try again” is displayed. I erased all of my BuddyPress files, uploaded the latest trunk (which I was already running) and permissioned them to 755, then re-tested and the problem is still present.

In an attempt to see if it was my install specifically I installed MU on another domain, uploaded the files, and tested there and received the same error. Messaging was working on my install even with the latest files then suddenly quit.

Onto my second issue, the auto-complete feature doesn’t seem to be working properly at all. I ran into this on both my live site and test site as well as on Basically when typing a name into “Send to” field the result don’t necessarily begin or even contain the typed letter. For example if I type the letter “A” on the first result is Andy, as expected, but the second is “Robert Popovic (phlux0r)”, which clearly doesn’t contain an A at all. The next two results contain the letter A but don’t start with it. At first I though perhaps it only auto-completed the names of friends, which it may, but on my live site I have a friend named “justin” but when I enter the letter J another user without a J, “ryanmoney”, is the only one that displays.

Anyways, I can offer a lot more details if needed but I wanted to share the vitals and see if anyone else ran into this. If not, I’ll file a ticket but my hope is I’m not the only one.

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