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Re: Blank page after install Buddypress 1.1.2

Other things stopping the DB tables being run is some sort of warning or error with PHP – often either a memory limit, CPU limitation, a problem with the web server itself, bad code or corrupt file.

1) Memory limit problem often reveals itself with “failed to allocate” in the apache/php error logs.

2) People have had mixed success running WPMU/BP on virtual hosted servers; I suppose it depends on the company you are using. If such an outside influence stopped activity *part way* through the BuddyPress installation, then you’d end up with a corrupt install. As a rule of thumb, avoid virtual hosted servers for WPMU/BP.

3) I’m a *unix man as far as web servers go, so I can’t talk for Windows. If you see “segfault” errors in WPMU/BP for Apache (or similar), you’ve probably got a library or versioning conflict — i.e. incompatibility between specific versions of PHP and MySQL, for example. These are really tricky to figure out what’s causing the problem, but if you’ve recently installed a new version of your web server/mysql/php etc, this could be why.

4) Bad code or corrupt file – how is everyone in this thread installing BuddyPress? Via the automatic plugin installer? If so, try to FTP files up to your server – or better yet, SSH and use a shell to install the files yourself.

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