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Re: BP 1.2.4 and WP 3.0 – Blank wp-admin with multisite enabled.

Similar issue as Tom…

On my local MAMP environment, I set up WP 3.0 RC3 and BP1.4.2.1 (running on MySQL Server version: 5.1.37 and PHP Version 4). Smooth sailing – I can access /wp-admin and site administration works properly.

When I attempted to set up the same configuration (WP 3.0 RC3 and BP1.4.2.1) on my remote hosted environment (running on MySQL Server version: 5.0.77 and PHP Version 5.2.13), as soon as I click the ‘activate’ link for the BuddyPress plugin from the Site Administration area, the browser attempts to load the following URL:
but only displays a blank page.

All further attempts to access the /wp-admin pages results in the blank page.

If I navigate to the site front end, I’ll see the default theme and then at the bottom of the page, the un-styled textual content of the BP installation. See here:

If I manually delete the BuddyPress directory from my server, I’m able to access the site administration area again.

I’ve tried a few variations:
– WP 2.9.2 + BP – same issue on remote server
– WP 3.0 RC3 nightly build + BP – same issue on remote server

Is this an issue with the version of PHP/MySQL running on my remote hosted environment?

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