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Re: BP Album+ : my new plugin for pictures




I’m not sure why you were stripping down and rewriting bp-gallery from Brajesh to 1.2 because that’s all it’s been developed on. he’s about to release rc2 and then go stable but the release of bp 1.2.2 broke a few functions that he’s having to fix. You must be thinking about bb-picturealbum from Manoj Kumar that he quit development on. Those are two different developers. Please make sure that you have them correct.


Those posts that you have that are referencing bbpicture are Manoj Kumar’s plugin from 1.03, NOT bp-gallery. bp-gallery was written for 1.2 and does work with 1.2’s default theme.


bp-gallery is something that I’ve been testing since the alpha and the differences from what I see are that gallery supports all media, including images, video, and audio. There is also group support already included and privacy settings for them all as well. He is also going to release the shortcodes to include the images and albums in posts.

For those who are still confused, and this is NOT an advertisement, just answering the questions about the differences and clarifying any misconceptions, the site for bp-gallery is at

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