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Re: BP Album+ : my new plugin for pictures



@_dorsvenabili – I’m glad you like our plugin.

There are actually two developers working on this plugin now, @francescolaffi, and myself @foxly; @francescolaffi is busy writing his exams right now, so I’m handling all the user support for the next few days.

BP Album is community-developed software! If you find it useful, please consider contributing code, translations, and ideas to the project. Helping answer new user’s questions on the forums is also helpful, because it means we have more time to work on writing code.

@hnla – Deciding how to dimension thumbnails, based on images with widely varying aspect ratios, and then present them in a grid, has been a problem that has dogged graphic designers since the earliest days of the Internet.

The two most popular way to do this are “Facebook Style”

and “Flickr Style”

I’m actually writing code for *both* options *right now*, and after some back and forth with @francescolaffi we’ll probably get it set up as an option in the administrator backend.

We could probably add the ability for users to manually crop the thumbnail for each picture in their gallery using the avatar cropping tool, and I will look at the feasibility of doing this. Experience has shown that most users do *not* want to do this for every picture they upload …and that’s why neither Facebook nor Flickr include this functionality.


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